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Atlantic Salmon Roe

Atlantic Salmon Roe

Scientific Name: Salmo salar

Welcome to our exclusive supply of fresh & frozen Atlantic Salmon Roe, sourced from Atlantic Salmon grown in the pristine waters of Tasmania. As a dedicated supplier and exporter of premium Atlantic Salmon Roe, we take immense pride in offering you the epitome of seafood delicacies, catering to the discerning palate of your esteemed clientele.

Origin: Our Atlantic Salmon Roe scientifically know as Scaphirhynchus platorynchus is carefully harvested from the finest Atlantic Salmon, ensuring the highest quality and flavor. This prized delicacy is revered for its vibrant color, plump texture, and exquisite taste, making it a sought-after treasure in the culinary world.

Flavor Profile: Indulge your customers in the extraordinary flavors of our fresh Atlantic Salmon Roe. The roe bursts with a rich, buttery taste and a delicate brininess, reflecting the pristine marine environment from which it originates. Sourced from clean and sustainable waters, our Atlantic Salmon Roe offers a taste experience that is nothing short of perfection.

Distribution: As your preferred wholesale distributor, we ensure that our Atlantic Salmon Roe is handled with utmost care, preserving its freshness and distinctive qualities. Its impressive visual presentation, coupled with its exquisite taste and texture, will elevate the reputation of your clients’ establishments and captivate the hearts of seafood enthusiasts. Experience the finest seafood exporting with our premium Atlantic Salmon Roe!

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